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BCAA Pre-Workout Supplement

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If you are looking for something that will take your workout to the next level, you need to consider taking a pre-workout supplement. They provide many benefits which are related to muscle growth, focus and endurance during your workout. They also boost the level of energy in the body. Typically, pre-workouts are recommended few minutes before your workout.

So What Does A Pre-Workout Supplement Do?

Fundamentally, they are designed to give your body the stimulus it needs to drive itself to the maximum. It helps to fight off muscle weakness so you can push out additional reps and get every ounce of strength out of your muscles. Pre-workout supplements will help you stay focused and offer you that muscle pump you need to keep pushing. It helps to give you more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles to prolong the amount of work they can do. The combination of caffeine, Branched Chain Amino Acids, and other vitamins and nutrients provide your body fuel which cannot be produced on its own.

Getting the Strongest Pre-Workout

Bodybuilders normally want to see a boost in focus, energy, endurance, strength and much more. However, a runner would want something to boost their endurance and energy levels, without any real need for a big boost in power or strength. Strongest pre-workout for both parties is to see ingredients that help to promote hydration, muscle growth, and accelerated recovery in their pre-workout choice.

What Makes Pre-Workout Drink Work?

Pre-Workout drinks have some essential ingredients that which may differ from brand to brand. Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) – Amino acids help repair muscle and also promote muscle growth. There are many drinks that are useful in pre-workouts. These BCAAs help to promote muscle growth, repair muscle and extend muscle endurance. It improves the body’s ability to produce energy, which leads to more strength, ability and heavier weight. Pre-workout drink helps you push heavier and harder which will aid in muscle growth.

Vaper Pre-Workout

To boost your strength, focus, endurance and energy and to help make your workout more effective. You need a pre-workout supplement, and Vaper is the best product that you need. It contains ingredients that promote a faster recovery, which will help you come back stronger and faster. Vaper would get you fired up, and ready to workout with amazing energy and focus that would even help get you through some of your long days at the gym.

Most pre-workouts drinks or supplement have a fair price tag and you’ll benefit from cycling the product or skipping it every few days as you gain tolerance. You’ll also want to look at the ingredient profile and reviews before choosing a pre-workout supplement. Ensure you read all warning that is attached to the labels and don’t exceed the recommended dose of the product you choose.

Vaper All-Workout will keep you well hydrated during your pre workouts, and it has a great taste. Check out to get your own Vaper All-Workout today!




Best 5 Movies on Netflix

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The best films on Netflix are not always easy to find, different titles, numerous acts and different directors. Rather than spending time scrolling through different category, trying to track down the best films to watch. We have done that for you, this will make it easier to know the best films on Netflix that you can watch.

The main objective of this article is to provide a list of the 5 best movies on Netflix so that you can find satisfying movies without scrolling endlessly and wasting your valuable time. Whether you are looking for something new, some background noise, favorite’s actors and scenes just know that the following are the best movies on Netflix.

  1. Captain America: Civil War

If you are looking for a way to catch up on the next Marvel movie, then Captain America: Civil War is the best film for you to watch. The third film in the Captain America series saw Joe and Antony Russo, Winter Soldier directors taking an ambitious track and familiarizing comic’s storyline that pits the MCU superheroes against each other. The result was a political thriller with fascinating and interesting chemistry among the MCU ensemble.

  1. Pirate of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

Although, nothing can match the ecstasy of the first Pirates of Caribbean movie, the two sequels – which were shot back-to-back, get a bad wrap. Verbinski doubles his ambition and takes this franchise to extraordinary and strange places. The visual effect was amazing and incredible. This movie is just spectacular to watch.

  1. The Lord of The Ring: The Fellowship of the Ring

The lord of the ring series continues with The Fellowship of the Ring, one of the most lauded and the best franchises in history. Filmmaker Peter Jackson has a difficult time convincing studio to back his ambitious J.R.R Tolkein adaptation. The subsequent two movies were allowed to go back for pickup after the success of Fellowship. There is nothing like the wonder, charm and perfect craftsmanship of ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’.

  1. Se7en

This is the movie that put David Fincher on the map. Se7en is a twisted thriller movie. This movie has everyone involved in playing at the top of their games and they don’t shy away from the darkness and the bleakness in humanity. The movie also shows that Fincher was a master on the rise in Cinema. It is amazing to see how far this movie is. It has amazing scenes.


  1. Shrek

It may be easy to forget how big Shrek movie was when it hit theatres in 2001, but it was a great movie. DreamWorkAnimation challenged Pixar with a more slightly and edgy animated film, which makes parent to laugh at the jokes that went over their kids head. Shrek was a beautiful story of a foreigner seeking love and acceptance from unexpected places. It’s also a fun and pretty fairy tale. Over the years since its release, Shrek still holds its position as one of the best movies.

Details on How to Fuck Milfs

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Most guides you get on how to fuck milfs are pretty generic, right? That’s because most of the people that write that content don’t actually use the tips they talk about.

I’m sorry to say this, there a ton of posers out there,  with no real world experience in how to fuck milfs. This guide is different. There won’t be any B.S. pick up lines, so see ya later if that’s what you’re looking for.

Instead, this guide cuts through and identifies the key traits you need and don’t need to pull the hottest milfs in your local area.

Think about it like this. Available milfs or cougars are in the minority right now, because most of them are married. That doesn’t mean some of them don’t enjoy extracurricular activities (i.e. fucking young cubs). It’s a growing trend, to say the least, and you can get in if you know what to do and say.

The problem is your head is already filled with too much “bro-science” and shotty pick up artist bullshit. We’ll have to do a little spring cleaning if you know what I mean, and you’re even thinking of trying to fuck milfs.

Know Thyself

If you’re aware of who you are you will exude more confidence in any area of your life. Whether you’re trying to fuck milfs or get a promotion, the guy with the most confidence generally comes out on top.

I’m not talking about doing mindfulness meditations or reciting any mantras. This isn’t that kind of website. However, if that works for you go for it.

What I’m talking about is inserting some realism into the way you view yourself.

Women love a guy that takes action. If you notice you’re getting a beer gut and add working out to your routine, the Cougars at the gym will notice and appreciate that sort of thing. If you’re not afraid to look at them when they look at you, you’re in business and have a good chance of fucking them if you play your cards right.

Confidence Doesn’t Mean You’re a God

Shouldn’t think of yourself as a God. A man that knows his weaknesses, and knows which ones he can’t do anything about is wise. For instance, if you’re not the best looking guy, you can’t really do much about that. However, if you’re overweight and can walk up the stairs without heavy breathing, there is something you can do about that.

Confidence with women means you understand this and not go too far with it. It can quickly become arrogance if you act like an asshole. It’s true that women love a dick, but they don’t want someone that is mean.

You might think what’s the difference?

Well, a dick likes to bust balls with his friends, and not be a bully. She’s looking for a good time and yes, sometimes that means she wants to be told what to do. However, most of the time she will want things to be cool. A bad attitude and thinking you’re something you’re not is a great way to not fuck milfs.

Confident guys are assertive and don’t like bullshit. They are consistent. They take care of themselves and are not ashamed of it.

Arrogant guys are bullies. They prey on the weak and harass people that are minding their own business to prove they are the alpha.

Real confidence comes from a place of humility and empathy. It comes from knowing that your shit smells too.

woman wants to feel protected and feel like she’s with a “good guy” whether she wants to just fuck or wants to get married. You can be that man and then set the terms of the relationship easily if you’re confident.

Set the Terms of the Relationship

If you’re the kind of guy that is unsure about your path in life, you’ll be viewed as prey by aggressive women that want to mess with your head. There are plenty of women out there that enjoy this. It’s a biological tactic to systematically weed out the weaklings. Now that you know this you are enlightened my son.

This strategy is why you need to step your game up and know whether you’re ready to fuck milfs. It’s not as simple as just saying you’re ready, you have to be confidence by being one with your passion.

How bad do you want to fuck milfs? Can you taste it? You should.

This means that you know exactly what kind of woman you’re after before you meet her. If she doesn’t fit into that category then you cut her loose. Sorry ladies, “this guy is only looking for the hit it and quit it kind of relationship. No cuddling allowed.”

You might think this is a little harsh, and if you do then stop reading and go away. If you’re still here then let’s talk more.

Obviously, everyone wants what they can’t have, so when you become man with the ability to deal with the complexities of no strings attached, NSA dating, you realize that the emotions of your cougar start to rise when you take away the “closeness” she desires.

These kinds of relationships are generally one-sided in your favor. That means you have to be prepared to cut her loose if she turns out to be a clinger.

Spotting a Clingy Milf

Many milfs get clingy after they get fucked better than they have in years. It’s easy for a young guy like yourself to fuck her brains out. You know the reasons why, but she’s got benchmarks about sex and if you break them she’ll easily become more than attracted to you.

What you want to identify are a few commons traits. If you spot these you should cut ties before things get too serious. The longer you procrastinate, the longer it will take to get rid of her.

Simply blocking her on Snapchat won’t be enough. If she knows where you live and where you hang out she could become a liability for your future endeavors to fuck milfs. Make sure you set the expectations properly and stick to your guns at all times.

Here are the traits to spot a clinger…

Trait #1: She’s quick to call you after you have sex just to “talk”

Trait #2: Starts Randomly Buying You Things or Cooking your favorite meals

Trait #3: Wants you to attend weddings or meet her friends

Trait #4: Asks you over then doesn’t feel like having sex

Trait #5: Calling or texting you late at night or early in the morning for no reason

Trait #6: Starts failing at work or disregards needs

Trait #7: Posts pictures of you and her on social media or changes relationship status

However, you want to look at these traits, you can use them to decide where you think the relationship is going. By the way, if you’re guilty of doing any of these things please keep them in mind as things to only do if you want to break up. These traits are not cool for you or her and will stop you from fucking milfs altogether.

You’re ready. Take these words and go forth and fuck as many hot milfs as you can my son.

Why Snapchat is The Best App for Sending Nudes 

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Snapchat is an amazing app for multiple reasons, but some of the best Snapchat makes the app ideal for sexting sending nude snaps. In fact, when the app first launched it was primarily used to send nudes to your partner(s).

Unless you have been living under a rock you know that people not only use Snapchat as a communication platform but also for sexting nudes. Some of the basic app functionality like stories, disappearing messages, and no screenshots, makes Snapcaht ideal for sexing and sending NSFW nudes.

Snapchat provides a secure platform for sending naughty content. While technically against the app’s terms of service, sending Snapchat nudes can be a fun and addiction experience if done with the right partner. Just be sure to have a trusted partner to Snachat nudes with.

Disappearing photos

There is an argument to be made that disappearing photos is what gave Snapchat the popularity it has achieved. Adding a photo that goes away after a few seconds is what gives users the confidence to send nudes. Even though photos disappear, you can replay the images by holding down message button. But don’t worry, you can always tell when someone has replayed your photo by checking the image icon.

Next time you think about sexting, consider using the Snapchat app

No In-App Screenshots

While you might think sending a photo that will never be saved is pointless,  its actually what makes it really fun and exciting to use. Think about it, you can send a photo of your junk and know that it will never get lost in the dark parts of the web. There is a very comforting feeling associated with that.

There are many studies that show that sending nudes can be good for a happy relationship. Those who sext frequently reported a higher sex drive, more stamina in bed, and an overall happier relationship.

Receiving nudes from your partner can also help you deal with stress and take your mind off things that don’t matter. In the long run, sending nudes really helps create a special bond with that significant other.

Backgammon Rules – Learn How to Play Backgammon

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Backgammon is a board game that involved two players trying to move their 15 checkers across the backgammon board, according to the roll of two dice.

The Goal of Backgammon

The objective of backgammon is to remove all 15 checkers from the board before your opponent does. This is done by first getting all of the checkers into your home board, and then removing all of your checkers according to the dice score. This stage of taking your checkers off of the board is called the bear-off. The winner of the game, according to backgammon rules, is the player that succeeds in bearing off all of his checkers first.

Here you can see the Direction of the white checkers across the board

Backgammon Board Layout

  • There are 30 checkers used in backgammon, 15 black and 15 white checkers. The checkers are moved across the backgammon board until they reach the bottom right side of the board, called the home-board.
  • The backgammon board includes 24 points. These are the 24 triangles on which the checkers are moved on the backgammon board. The backgammon points are numbered between 1 and 24. The bottom right of the board is numbered 1. For your opponent however, this is his 24-point.
  • The player’s home board is in the bottom right corner quarter of his board. The upper right side of the board is called the outer board. During the game, players move their checkers from point to point, until they reach their home-board and can take the checkers off of the board.
  • There are two dice used in the game. Each dice has 6 sides and is numbered from 1 to 6. The roll of the dice determines the movement of the checkers across the board points.

A Backgammon board layout at the start of the game

The Start of Backgammon

To start the game off, the starting player is decided. In order to decide which player begins first, each of the players throws one of the two dice. The player who rolls the higher number initiates the game.

If both players roll the same number, they will throw the dice again till the numbers differ. The backgammon player that starts the game uses the number shown on the dice to move his checker a related number of points.

Moving checkers across the board

A player can either use both dice to transfer one backgammon checker across the board, or divide the dice score to two separate checker movements. After his first movement, it is the other player’s turn as he throws the dice and moves.

The player that starts the game moves according to the number of the dice score.

When the first move is completed, the second player throws the dice again, and moves in the same manner as the first player.

The following backgammon rules determine how a move is possible:

  • If a player rolls the same number on both dice (a double), he plays that number four separate times with any checker he wishes.
  • A player must play-out both of the dice scores, and move his checkers accordingly. If only one of the dice numbers can be played, then the player only moves according to the number he can. If none of the numbers are a possibility, then the turn moves to the other player.
  • A checker can not move to a point that has more than one of the opponent’s checkers. If your dice score is 5 3 for example, you can either move one checker 8 points ahead, or move one checker 3 points, and move another checker 5 point.

A Backgammon board layout at the start of the game

Hitting in Backgammon

A blot is a point that is occupied by only one checker. You can hit your opponent’s checker by landing on a blot. When this occurs, and you hit your opponent’s checker, His checker is moved outside of the board and into the bar.

A typical backgammon blot

In order to move the checker off the bar a player needs to move it to an open slot in the opponent’s home. If this is impossible the player forfeits his turn.

If one or more checkers are on the bar, the player cannot move any other checkers until he brings his checkers back into the board from the bar.

The Location of the bar

When a player re-enters the board, he does it from the outer board, meaning from the 24-point. Entering the board from the bar is enabled only if the dice score for the player corresponds to the open points on the outer board. If a player gets a double 3 for example, and the 3-point is occupied by two of the opponent’s checkers, then the player cannot enter from the bar and the turn passes to the other player.

Bearing off

The Bear off happens when all of the checkers are inside a player’s home-board. This is the stage when a player starts to take checkers out of the board. Bearing off is made with similar backgammon rules as the rest of the game. The player throws the dice and removes checkers from corresponding points, or pips, in his home board. Thus, if a player has rolled the number 3 and 6 he will be able to remove the checker on the sixth point and on the third point.

This is an example of the bear-off stage for the white player

When the dice score shows a number that is not occupied by a checker, the player can advance his checkers forward. For example, if the player rolls 4 and 2, and the 4 point is empty, he can advance his 6 or 5-point forward by 4 points. If that player doesn’t have any checkers on the 5 and 6 points, then he can remove checkers on lower points. This way he can remove a checker that is sitting on the 3-point with the score of 4.

If a player had begun removing checkers and one of his checkers was hit by the opponent, he must enter the board on the opposing home and cannot bear off any pieces until the checker is back at his home.

Although removing checkers is not mandatory and the player can move checkers inside his home instead, there are several moves which are required. If the number rolled on the dice is higher than any occupied point the player must remove the point from the closest point. If a player rolls a number smaller than any occupied point and has no checkers that can be removed, he must move a checker from a higher point according to the dice.

Winning More Points

Doubling Cube

The first option to raise the number of points you win in the game is to use the doubling cube. As mentioned before, this is the cube that is used to raise the stakes. These stakes can be raised by up to 64 times the initial wager.

Gammon and Backgammon

Another way to win more points is through winning gammon and backgammon games. This is when you manage to bear off when your opponent is still lagging behind. A gammon is when your opponent hadn’t borne off any of his checkers, and this win earns the winner two times the doubling cube. A backgammon is when the opponent still has a checker on the bar or in the home-board when the other player wins. This win earns the winner with three times the doubling cube.

Gammons and backgammons often require that the Jacoby rule is maintained, meaning that the gammon and backgammon rules for raising the stakes apply only if the stakes were doubled during the game.

These are the most basic backgammon rules that outline the limits of the game. Now that you know the rules of how to play backgammon you can proceed to articles such as Basic backgammon tips and concepts and/or Backgammon Basic Strategy. You are also more than welcome to go back to 1on1 backgammon and read some of our other articles and guides.