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Battle of the Champions at the Monte Carlo

Curacao-based online Backgammon operator TrueMoneygames (TMG) is sponsoring the 31st World Backgammon Championship in the Principality of Monte Carlo. The World Backgammon Championship will bring together Backgammon stars both from the internet and classic Backgammon matches as they challenge either from July 10 to 16, 2006 at Fairmont Monte Carlo.

The weeklong tournament gives both online and offline players equal chances to be this year's World Wide Champion in the strategy game Backgammon. This will be an opportunity for online champions to vie for the coveted title and challenge world's veteran players.

The Monte Carlo Tournament is sub-divided into three divisions: Beginners Flight, Intermediate Flight and Championship Flight. Entry fees are 200, 400 and 900 Euros respectively. Registration fee is Euro 200 both for players and social guests. These fees are nothing compared to the championship's grand prize of 300,000 Euros.

Prior to the event in Monte Carlo, TrueMoneygames hosted the World Online Championship in Backgammon and the online champion was awarded free entry to the venue. The winner can participate in either the Beginner or Intermediate Division at the World Championship or even play in the Championship Flight if he thinks he is more qualified to be in the highest division. Twelve more free entry packages worth $4,500 are also available on TMG site. Called Qualifier Tournament, it is primarily offered to newcomers in backgammon tournaments.

The much-anticipated event in Monte Carlo will be broadcast live via TrueMoneygames site in cooperation with SnowieGroup SA, developer of cleverly crafted Backgammon software SNOWIE. SnowieGroup is based in Switzerland and for eight years the company has reigned as the maker of SNOWIE and the leading Backgammon software developer in the world.


07/12/2006 11:09 PM
Matthew Morris

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