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Poker Authority Revives Worlds Oldest Game

PartyGaming Plc (PG), the Gibraltar-based online gaming company who introduced the world's leading online poker site, has formally launched a new exciting and historical game into the contemporary internet world via

Tagged as the "the game of kings and the king of games," Backgammon is being revived as an online game to bring another pride for PartyGaming and finally establish itself as the sole king in the global online gaming market. PG claims, through Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mitch Garber, that the game they are introducing is one of the world's most well-liked and oldest games, with roots dating back to 3000 B.C. CEO Garber was quoted as saying that it is their utmost step to launch Backgammon in lieu of their strategy to be the world's number one choice in online gaming.

As PartyGaming says, backgammon is the world's oldest game yet the newest in its pool of online games. Reviving backgammon is not a new idea after all. The game was already been revived for a short period in the United States wayback in the 20's and even for a shorter period in 1979.

The game is played by two opponents, each has fifteen checkers positioned on twenty-four narrow triangles called points. It requires skills in calculation and timing as the player, for him to win the game, moves his pieces to his home base and then off the table before his rival player could do the same. targets new players who play backgammon as well as existing clients of PartyGaming who can use their registered PartyAccount to access the game. Regular players can play, all in one, poker, bingo, casino and now backgammon by using only one account as part of the company's fully integrated Party-branded systems platform.

The site presents an array of gammon versions, such as Nackgammon and Hypergammon, and offers its customers to play the game either for free or for cash. PG's online customer care service is available all day, all night to ensure that important questions about playing the game are to be gamely resolved. Its 24-hr help is designed to accept comments and suggestions, answer queries and complaints as well as information regarding deposits, payouts and tournaments.

In support of this new trend on online gambling, PartyGaming is set to sponsor backgammon events in Estoril, Portugal on September and in Paris, France on October 24-29 of this year. Previously, it has already sponsored Belgian open, a backgammon event held last June 14-18, 2006.


07/09/2006 11:07 PM
Ashley Young

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