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Andreas Maertens From Germany Wins Record Backgammon Tournament Prize

A player from Germany recently won the inaugural Million, held at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas from January 21-25.

33-year-old Andreas Maertens won himself the record prize of $600,400 after beating one of backgammon's best known players, Lasse Hjorth Madsen 23-22. The event was covered by Matchroom Sports.

Andreas and Lasse are both online backgammon qualifiers from The tournament field included 10 former World Champions, as well as 25 players out of the 32 dubbed as the "Giants of Backgammon". The total prize pool for the tournament went beyond the expected $1 million, hitting over $1.2 million.

Maertens had an investment of $440 before qualifying online, while Madsen was able to get into the tournament after betting $35 on an online satellite.

"We saw the huge rise of the internet qualifier in poker and, remarkably, at the very first attempt we have seen online qualifiers compete and beat the world's best players at backgammon," said a spokesman.

"Like poker, the entrance of the online aces promises to change the game of backgammon forever," he added.

"When I came here I hoped I had a chance but never ever really thought that I could win as there were so many strong players in the field," Maertens excitedly said.

I'm not sure what I am going to do with the money, I'm certainly going to play more high stakes backgammon, but I am also going to buy my girlfriend Monica a car."


02/20/2007 14:53 PM
Adam Hughes

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