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Setting up the backgammon board

Backgammon is played on a unique board specifically designed for the game. The board has marks on its surface, usually referred as points. Each quadroon of the board has six points in it which are imagined to be connected into a straight line with the next quadroon (though not a circle). This divides the board into two sides, each containing twelve points.

In a backgammon board the bottom-right corner point is usually numbered as the first and the pips on the same side are subsequently numbered to the left. The top-right corner point is numbered 24 and the pips to the left of her are numbered in a downgrading order.

The traditional backgammon setup determines that the one-to-six quadroon and the 19-24 quadroons are the home bases of each side. The two pieces of each side that are located at the furthest location from the home base are located on the first and the twenty-fourth point, opposing each other. Afterwards each player places five pieces in the first point of his home base, meaning either on the sixth or the twelfth. Then three additional pieces are placed two squares away from the home, on the 8th or the 17th point. Next each player places five pieces on the first point of his opposing side of the board, meaning either the 12th or the 13th point.

This sums up the positioning of all the pieces on the backgammon board. Note that all the 15 pieces of each side are placed symmetrically opposing each other. Also it is important to remember that you can arrange the pieces in the exact form but starting a different quadroon. It is important to remember that any side you choose as your home base is exactly the same, as there are many different variations of backgammon board arranging on online backgammon sites. Try our backgammon software!

10.10.2005 - Eric Wagner, Editor.

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