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Best 5 Movies on Netflix

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The best films on Netflix are not always easy to find, different titles, numerous acts and different directors. Rather than spending time scrolling through different category, trying to track down the best films to watch. We have done that for you, this will make it easier to know the best films on Netflix that you can watch.

The main objective of this article is to provide a list of the 5 best movies on Netflix so that you can find satisfying movies without scrolling endlessly and wasting your valuable time. Whether you are looking for something new, some background noise, favorite’s actors and scenes just know that the following are the best movies on Netflix.

  1. Captain America: Civil War

If you are looking for a way to catch up on the next Marvel movie, then Captain America: Civil War is the best film for you to watch. The third film in the Captain America series saw Joe and Antony Russo, Winter Soldier directors taking an ambitious track and familiarizing comic’s storyline that pits the MCU superheroes against each other. The result was a political thriller with fascinating and interesting chemistry among the MCU ensemble.

  1. Pirate of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

Although, nothing can match the ecstasy of the first Pirates of Caribbean movie, the two sequels – which were shot back-to-back, get a bad wrap. Verbinski doubles his ambition and takes this franchise to extraordinary and strange places. The visual effect was amazing and incredible. This movie is just spectacular to watch.

  1. The Lord of The Ring: The Fellowship of the Ring

The lord of the ring series continues with The Fellowship of the Ring, one of the most lauded and the best franchises in history. Filmmaker Peter Jackson has a difficult time convincing studio to back his ambitious J.R.R Tolkein adaptation. The subsequent two movies were allowed to go back for pickup after the success of Fellowship. There is nothing like the wonder, charm and perfect craftsmanship of ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’.

  1. Se7en

This is the movie that put David Fincher on the map. Se7en is a twisted thriller movie. This movie has everyone involved in playing at the top of their games and they don’t shy away from the darkness and the bleakness in humanity. The movie also shows that Fincher was a master on the rise in Cinema. It is amazing to see how far this movie is. It has amazing scenes.


  1. Shrek

It may be easy to forget how big Shrek movie was when it hit theatres in 2001, but it was a great movie. DreamWorkAnimation challenged Pixar with a more slightly and edgy animated film, which makes parent to laugh at the jokes that went over their kids head. Shrek was a beautiful story of a foreigner seeking love and acceptance from unexpected places. It’s also a fun and pretty fairy tale. Over the years since its release, Shrek still holds its position as one of the best movies.

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