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Details on How to Fuck Milfs

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Most guides you get on how to fuck milfs are pretty generic, right? That’s because most of the people that write that content don’t actually use the tips they talk about.

I’m sorry to say this, there a ton of posers out there,  with no real world experience in how to fuck milfs. This guide is different. There won’t be any B.S. pick up lines, so see ya later if that’s what you’re looking for.

Instead, this guide cuts through and identifies the key traits you need and don’t need to pull the hottest milfs in your local area.

Think about it like this. Available milfs or cougars are in the minority right now, because most of them are married. That doesn’t mean some of them don’t enjoy extracurricular activities (i.e. fucking young cubs). It’s a growing trend, to say the least, and you can get in if you know what to do and say.

The problem is your head is already filled with too much “bro-science” and shotty pick up artist bullshit. We’ll have to do a little spring cleaning if you know what I mean, and you’re even thinking of trying to fuck milfs.

Know Thyself

If you’re aware of who you are you will exude more confidence in any area of your life. Whether you’re trying to fuck milfs or get a promotion, the guy with the most confidence generally comes out on top.

I’m not talking about doing mindfulness meditations or reciting any mantras. This isn’t that kind of website. However, if that works for you go for it.

What I’m talking about is inserting some realism into the way you view yourself.

Women love a guy that takes action. If you notice you’re getting a beer gut and add working out to your routine, the Cougars at the gym will notice and appreciate that sort of thing. If you’re not afraid to look at them when they look at you, you’re in business and have a good chance of fucking them if you play your cards right.

Confidence Doesn’t Mean You’re a God

Shouldn’t think of yourself as a God. A man that knows his weaknesses, and knows which ones he can’t do anything about is wise. For instance, if you’re not the best looking guy, you can’t really do much about that. However, if you’re overweight and can walk up the stairs without heavy breathing, there is something you can do about that.

Confidence with women means you understand this and not go too far with it. It can quickly become arrogance if you act like an asshole. It’s true that women love a dick, but they don’t want someone that is mean.

You might think what’s the difference?

Well, a dick likes to bust balls with his friends, and not be a bully. She’s looking for a good time and yes, sometimes that means she wants to be told what to do. However, most of the time she will want things to be cool. A bad attitude and thinking you’re something you’re not is a great way to not fuck milfs.

Confident guys are assertive and don’t like bullshit. They are consistent. They take care of themselves and are not ashamed of it.

Arrogant guys are bullies. They prey on the weak and harass people that are minding their own business to prove they are the alpha.

Real confidence comes from a place of humility and empathy. It comes from knowing that your shit smells too.

woman wants to feel protected and feel like she’s with a “good guy” whether she wants to just fuck or wants to get married. You can be that man and then set the terms of the relationship easily if you’re confident.

Set the Terms of the Relationship

If you’re the kind of guy that is unsure about your path in life, you’ll be viewed as prey by aggressive women that want to mess with your head. There are plenty of women out there that enjoy this. It’s a biological tactic to systematically weed out the weaklings. Now that you know this you are enlightened my son.

This strategy is why you need to step your game up and know whether you’re ready to fuck milfs. It’s not as simple as just saying you’re ready, you have to be confidence by being one with your passion.

How bad do you want to fuck milfs? Can you taste it? You should.

This means that you know exactly what kind of woman you’re after before you meet her. If she doesn’t fit into that category then you cut her loose. Sorry ladies, “this guy is only looking for the hit it and quit it kind of relationship. No cuddling allowed.”

You might think this is a little harsh, and if you do then stop reading and go away. If you’re still here then let’s talk more.

Obviously, everyone wants what they can’t have, so when you become man with the ability to deal with the complexities of no strings attached, NSA dating, you realize that the emotions of your cougar start to rise when you take away the “closeness” she desires.

These kinds of relationships are generally one-sided in your favor. That means you have to be prepared to cut her loose if she turns out to be a clinger.

Spotting a Clingy Milf

Many milfs get clingy after they get fucked better than they have in years. It’s easy for a young guy like yourself to fuck her brains out. You know the reasons why, but she’s got benchmarks about sex and if you break them she’ll easily become more than attracted to you.

What you want to identify are a few commons traits. If you spot these you should cut ties before things get too serious. The longer you procrastinate, the longer it will take to get rid of her.

Simply blocking her on Snapchat won’t be enough. If she knows where you live and where you hang out she could become a liability for your future endeavors to fuck milfs. Make sure you set the expectations properly and stick to your guns at all times.

Here are the traits to spot a clinger…

Trait #1: She’s quick to call you after you have sex just to “talk”

Trait #2: Starts Randomly Buying You Things or Cooking your favorite meals

Trait #3: Wants you to attend weddings or meet her friends

Trait #4: Asks you over then doesn’t feel like having sex

Trait #5: Calling or texting you late at night or early in the morning for no reason

Trait #6: Starts failing at work or disregards needs

Trait #7: Posts pictures of you and her on social media or changes relationship status

However, you want to look at these traits, you can use them to decide where you think the relationship is going. By the way, if you’re guilty of doing any of these things please keep them in mind as things to only do if you want to break up. These traits are not cool for you or her and will stop you from fucking milfs altogether.

You’re ready. Take these words and go forth and fuck as many hot milfs as you can my son.

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