How Backgammon Can Help Your Dating Life

Relationships can be a tricky concept for some men, especially if you have been in one for a long time. At first, they can be one of the most interesting things you experience, suddenly you want to be with your girlfriend almost every hour of the day, and slowly, both of you want to know more things about each other. However, sooner or later, your love life might hit dull intervals filled with senseless doubts and second thoughts. This may be because one of you might stop being impressed by the other and, hence, a roadblock appears out of nowhere that makes you feel the opposite of how you felt at the beginning of the relationship. If you’re at such a point in your love life, a good strategy that can help is to play board games with you partner, particularly Backgammon.

If you’ve never played the popular board game Backgammon, you need to give it a try if you want to improve your love life. It is an intriguing game similar to chess in many ways. Its tactic is primarily dependent on looking forward to your opponent’s move as well as yours. Bottom line is, there is great skill needed in order to dominate it and if you are a novice, learning how to play it and practicing to get better at it will bring back the element of surprise to your partner and, as a result,  you’ll look more interesting.

Backgammon can be linked to the development of the mind no matter what your age is. It has the ability to make you smarter with numbers. According to Dr. Gwen Dewar of Parenting Science, board games like Backgammon help improve your logical-mathematical intelligence. This is good news for your love life which can help you appear interesting and at the same time nonchalant.

Another way that Backgammon can help your relationship is by keeping you in an interested state of mind where all of your attention is focused on your partner. Many relationship issues arise from small details such as your partner feeling that you are not paying enough attention to her. It can be a sense of disillusion that could drag for many days, making you prone to unnecessary arguments that can jeopardize all the hard work you feel that you’ve put in your relationship.

Backgammon can be a solution to this as well, since there won’t be any distractions and it will make you look at your phone less. You’ll be wholly concentrated in the moment which consists of only you and your partner.

Backgammon can be the perfect solution If you are look for a mature relationship as it will help develop your mind and focus – making you the perfect men for mature women. A recent study showed that the majority of mature older want a mature partner that can strategize and think logically. Psychologists call it the “George Clooney Effect.” A recent study of 2,700 heterosexual women showed that cougars prefer dating older men who are perceived as “more mature and logical” . The study showed that women who are more financially independent like older men even more. Yes, playing Backgammon can help your cougar dating.

The game’s psychological strategies that help your love life flourish applies to anyone. Interestingly, Backgammon has the ability that allows you to have a powerful relationship with your partner even all the way through old age. It decreases incidences of dementia and Alzheimer’s, making you less prone to forget who the love of your life is at age 78, a situation that can sadly haunt your partner. The fact that the board game diminishes the chances of gaining memory loss also means that you’ll be more astute and able to remember small details that save your love life such as the anniversary of the day you and your partner first met.

Relationships can indeed be tough, but they are also one of the best things in your life given that you are able to keep things afloat. So if you feel like your love life is racing towards a downhill slant and that you’ve tried doing mostly everything you can to bring it back to normal, give Backgammon a try and allow it to be your sort of love guru for a day. You’ll be amazed at all the wonders the board game can do to your relationship. 

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