Why Snapchat is The Best App for Sending Nudes 

Snapchat is an amazing app for multiple reasons, but some of the best Snapchat makes the app ideal for sexting sending nude snaps. In fact, when the app first launched it was primarily used to send nudes to your partner(s).

Unless you have been living under a rock you know that people not only use Snapchat as a communication platform but also for sexting nudes. Some of the basic app functionality like stories, disappearing messages, and no screenshots, makes Snapcaht ideal for sexing and sending NSFW nudes.

Snapchat provides a secure platform for sending naughty content. While technically against the app’s terms of service, sending Snapchat nudes can be a fun and addiction experience if done with the right partner. Just be sure to have a trusted partner to nude Snapchat photos with.

Disappearing photos

There is an argument to be made that disappearing photos is what gave Snapchat the popularity it has achieved. Adding a photo that goes away after a few seconds is what gives users the confidence to send nudes. Even though photos disappear, you can replay the images by holding down message button. But don’t worry, you can always tell when someone has replayed your photo by checking the image icon.

Next time you think about sexting, consider using the Snapchat app

No In-App Screenshots

While you might think sending a photo that will never be saved is pointless,  its actually what makes it really fun and exciting to use. Think about it, you can send a photo of your junk and know that it will never get lost in the dark parts of the web. There is a very comforting feeling associated with that.

There are many studies that show that sending nudes can be good for a happy relationship. Those who sext frequently reported a higher sex drive, more stamina in bed, and an overall happier relationship.

Receiving nudes from your partner can also help you deal with stress and take your mind off things that don’t matter. In the long run, sending nudes really helps create a special bond with that significant other.

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